Eugenia Margaret Lane

Computer Graphic Artist
Web Designer


Software, Windows 95,98, Microsoft Office 2000 Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, (DTP Page-Layout) PageMaker, PhotoShop, Corel Draw (Web Design) MS FrontPage, Dreamweaver, JavaScript, HTML, Graphics (WWW Browsers) Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, (Programming) VisualBasic, (Networking), Windows NT Workstation, TCP/IP, Intro to Networking(Other) Introduction to Computers, Internet Basics and the World Wide Web, HP Scan Gallery. (Computer Platforms) IBM, Macintosh. (Business) Business Writing, Business Math, Keyboarding 50-60wp.

Types of Projects Invoices, forms, mailings, logos, clip art, photographs, flyers, newsletters, newspaper ads, college presentational materials, Web site designs. Fitness classes

Teaching/computer expereince:

As a Computer Consultant (1998-2000), I have assisted a number of adults with one-on one instruction on a variety of computer related subjects. including software instruction, Internet topics, newsletter preparation, web site development, and processing graphical materials. I have taught computer classes to chidren of various ages(6-14). software taught: Windows 98, Microsoft Office 2000,Internet basics and PageMaker.

As a Senior Topics Instructor for the Centennial Program of the Rancho Santiago College District, I have taught 2 semester sessions of Computer Basics for Senior Citizens.(1998-2000)

As the Desktop Publisher of the newsletter Chai Lights, I have prepared the layout for this newsletter which is published quarterly by ShuvahYisrael Messianic Jewish Congregation. to create Chai Lights, I use a number of software programs, including MS Word, Pagemaker, PhotoShop and graphic scanning programs. (1998-2001)

As a Sales Associate for Fry's electronics, I have sold computers and compter accessories. My knowledge of computer hardware and peripherals-office equipment was increased throught his sales position. (1999-2000)


Web Author

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Web Development
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Associate of Science Degree (A.S) Desktop Publishing - Business Applications and Technology, Santiago Canyon College, CA (1997-2000)

Associate of Science Degree (A.S) CIT Computer Information and Technology, Santiago Canyon College, CA Spring 2001. to be completed Spring 2001 (1997-2001)

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